King Kong

1st play name is “King Kong”

-2nd play name is “INTO THE WOODS “

-Should be deliver within 12 hours 



1. Title of Show

2. Playwright (and, if musical, Composer, Librettist)

3. Creative Team: Lead actors, Director, Designers (if musical, Choreographer and Music Director)

4. Venue: Broadway, Off-Broadway, College, etc. (incl. # of seats, cost of a regular ticket

5. Audience: (that is, what demographic is the production trying to attract?) Whom do you think would come and enjoy the performance?
Substantiate this claim by citing advertising evidence–type of ad, where it is advertised (e.g., NY Times, TimeOut New York, Internet, radio)

6. In one sentence, what’s the story about?

7. In three sentences, what is your expectation? E.g., Deliriously excited? Modestly intrigued? Morbidly curious? Apathetic? Anxiously anticipating? Horrifically terrified? Dolefully dreading? And why?

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