Management and Marketing of Technology Assignment

ELE00041H Management and Marketing of Technology Assignment (100%)  2018/19

Hand in electronically via the VLE using departmental standard process

This assignment will consolidate your understanding of and your ability to critically analyse the links between management and marketing of technology in todays rapidly changing business environment. You are required to write a report of not more than 3000 words that addresses the following:

  1. Discuss innovative technology management from the perspective of either a) renewable energy or b) the development of electric vehicles (using relevant notes and background from lectures) and describe where the future might lie for that initiative by developing a technology roadmap for the next 5 years.

(~1500 words).

Your report should include the application of theoretical concepts to the management of technology in practice and seek to show evaluation and critique. Use of tools and models to illustrate your answer is encouraged but use the tools and models, do not simply replicate outline models used in lecture materials. It may be useful to consider the following as a minimum:

  1. Technology solution indicating leader or technology follower
  2. Type of change management required  key drivers
  3. Process development or change as required
  4. Resistance to change
  5. Hard and/or Soft system changes
  6. Major risks or downsides for the initiative
  7. Critically evaluate the marketing strategies of two successful companies involved with wearable technologies using your desktop market research; and discuss the factors responsible for their success. You should select your cases from any one of the following application areas of wearable technologies:


  • ·  Intelligent Building
    • ·  Consumer Electronics ·Travel/Tourism

You are required to apply a combination of concepts and theories covered in lectures such as Marketing mix, Branding and Promotion, Market segmentation, Ansoff matrix, Product lifecycle, Market positioning etc along with your desktop research to support your evaluation and conclusions. It is important to provide evidence and sources for your arguments that are fully referenced. The appropriate use of diagrams is encouraged  please note that marks will not be awarded for simply replicating course concepts. Marks will be awarded where students demonstrate understanding and application of concepts to marketing practice. Additional marks will be awarded for appropriate evaluation / critique of concepts.

(~1500 words).



Applicable to both of the above questions, you will need to ensure that:

  • ·  Your response to each question is clearly marked;
  • ·  There is appropriate use of academic and business references;
  • ·  Harvard referencing style must be used;
  • ·  Tables are included in the total word count;
  • ·  Figures, appendices and references are excluded from the total word count; and
  • ·  Appendices are limited to total of 5 A4 sides.

Course Tutors: Mr Noel Jackson &DrBidyut Baruah Moderated by: DrBidyut Baruah &Mr Noel Jackson


ELE00041H Management and Marketing of Technology 2018-19 Individual Report  Marking and Feedback Sheet

Student name/identifier: Marker: Mark:


General report structure for both questions, layout/signposting, use of theoretical tools/models, quality of referencing and readability (10 marks) Mark:
Q1 Discussion of Companys technology management initiative and technology roadmap for the next 5 years (20 marks) Mark:
Q1  Analysis & critique from Q1 including key drivers, resistance, system changes and major risks of change (20 marks) + further relevant aspects (5 marks) Mark:
Q2  a) An evidence-based critical analysis of the marketing strategies of two selected cases. (30 marks). Mark:
Q2  b) Identify and discuss the key factors responsible for the Wearable Technology market (15 marks).
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