1st play is “THE FERRYMAN”

-2nd play is “THE NICETIES “

REVIEW PAPER GUIDELINES (3 pages , Essay format) Introduction



What happens?  
E.g., “Mother Courage follows the misadventures of Courage and her children over a ten year period during the 100 Years War…”

How does it happen?  
E.g., “The play is built in a series of episodes, alternating personal struggles against a backdrop of the larger social/political struggles.”

What does it mean?
A one-two sentence that captures the essence of the action. In the case of Epic Theatre, this statement is primarily about the intended “lesson” of the play. E.g., “MC is about how capitalism inevitably leads to the corruption then destruction of society—from nations to families.”


Flow of the plots?


Main character Description  
E.g., “Courage is a middle-aged mother of three who will stop at nothing to exploit the financial opportunities she encounters. Her role in the play is ‘survivor.’ Her character is the ‘anti-mom’—a woman who sees her children (and other human beings) as a collection of debits and credits.”

Second Character Description

Thought—what are the ideas in the play 

e.g., Mother Courage looks at the intersection of war and commerce and how one feeds off the other, to the destruction of land, civilization, and families. The ideas arise out of the work of Karl Marx. Summarize–

Historical (Where and When) Philosophical (What & Why)

Diction–Summarize the language the playwright uses. How do the characters speak?  

E.g., prose, poetry, cliché, long speeches, short, etc.?

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Music—is more than song, but the SOUND of the play. Describe the aural environment created and executed in the production.

Spectacle—describe the visual environment of light and scenery created for the production, and their execution and relevance (e.g., it could look great but mean nothing, or it could look terrible but somehow it works!)

A paragraph about your particular feelings about the play—did it engage you? Were you changed, even a little? Goethe asked three questions—What was it trying to do? How well was it done? Was it worth doing? Answer these questions.

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