petition for re-enrollment

A student may petition for re-enrollment following his or her Academic Suspension, 

Automatic Suspension, or Academic Dismissal. The student must submit this form with 

appropriate supporting documentation to the Vice President of Academics. The appeal will 

be reviewed by the Academic Development Team. All decisions regarding the petition are 

final. The student will be notified of the Team’s decision via e-mail and postal mail.

The student must provide compelling evidence that he or she is committed and able to 

achieve and surpass Satisfactory Academic Progress. Essay responses to the statements 

below must be attached to this form. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

1. Discuss your desire to return to Visible Music College at this time.

2. Identify the factors which led to your academic suspension & explain whether or 

not those factors are still a concern.

3. Please provide a specific plan for your academic success at Visible Music College. 

4. Describe your current spiritual walk. 

If the petition is approved, the student will be placed on Academic Probation for one 

semester. Unusual or mitigating circumstances for which an appeal might be filed include, 

but are not limited to, 1) the death of a relative of the student, 2) debilitating injury or 

illness of the student, 3) other emergency or special circumstances.

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