I need help on the way to present data as graphs

I need help on the way to present data as graphs, and statistical analysis of the data on the attached Excel.   ? Chi square testing ? want graphs of results to show confidence intervals if applicable.  Need an explanation example (using my data) of the math involved in stats. 

I understand with only 20 subjects, the statistical significance may be limited, and there is lots of potential bias.  

a simple questionnaire design of (#20) High School students and 5 controls: how they are influenced by watching some brief educational videos on health, nutrition and exercise, assessed by a questionnaire before, and 2 follow-up  questionnaires at 10 and 20 days after watching videos. will it cause them to have a positive change in behavior for exercise and/or nutrition, or will it give an increase in their interest in getting healthier.

(Questions 7, 8 and 9 do not have pre-video results)

(Question 10 and 11 are demographics that I only need minimal graph/stats on)

(controls were only used to show they had no significant changes in their answers, during the same time frame as the experimental group answered their questionnaires.  So they are not directly compared to the experimental group)

Hypothesis: High school students will increase their health behavior or their interest in health behavior after educational videos. Students that are already more concerned about their health will be more likely to change.

Null Hypothesis: Healthy behavior or concern about health will not be changed by watching health videos.

Independent Variable: The independent variable (exposure) is actually the video: pre-video is unexposed, post-video is exposed.

Dependent Variable: The subject’s own perception of the video information’s effect on any health lifestyle changes in diet and exercise measured by 2 repeat questionnaires: 10 and 20 days after watching the videos

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