cause/effect situation that was arguable

Your last essay focused on a cause/effect situation that was arguable. This essay focuses on a solution to a problem, called a proposal, because you are proposing a solution to an issue. Let’s say your second essay was on the problem of pollution in China, and you argued about the reasons for the pollution, mentioning that lack of restrictions and government corruption were the two causes of pollution in China, something that people could debate on. Now you’ve moved to the third essay and you want to keep writing about that topic. You can now move forward to explaining how to fix those problems. What’s your solution to this? That’s what this essay is about. You can keep some of the sources from the previous essay and incorporate them into this one but you may NOT copy and paste parts of the second essay to this one. They should be completely different in wording.

If you didn’t like the topic of the second essay, you may scrap it and think of a different problem–>solution. The solution(s) is/are the main focus. See the sample outline in order to know how to organize this one. This should be less confusing than the last one but longer with more research. I know this is a lot of work in a short amount of time, but you can do this. You’re in the home stretch! If you need anything, email.

  Proposal Assignment Identify and narrowly define a problem within your country, city, state, academic discipline, or future profession. This may be connected to the topic you have been working with on other essays this semester, or you may choose a new topic. Follow the principles outlined in Ch. 12 of your textbook “Proposals.” and propose a feasible solution. Pay special attention to the top page 279 that outlines what is expected of proposals. Purpose: To write a proposal essay of 1600 to 2000 words that convinces others to take action or approve a plan. Audience: For this assignment, you will write for a professional and scholarly audience including professors, college students, businessmen and businesswomen, and other researchers of your topic. Sources: Include 6-8 sources, (only three of which may be sources that you used in your argument essay) and accurately give credit for the information you use from those sources. Use only scholarly, credible sources from individuals or organizations with verifiable expertise on the topic. Three sources must be from the database. Library Databases: Every writer should spend time researching his or her topic in the library databases, which are likely to yield the best sources. To access the library databases while offcampus, the user name is RCC5268, and the password is TX77511. (Use capital letters.) Format: Prepare your essay in MLA style. 

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