choose a problem or issue that allows for differences of opinion

  • The body of the paper should support the thesis presented in the introductory paragraph.
  • Including clear topic sentence expressing the central idea of each paragraph.
  • Base the paper on logical assumptions and focus on the main ideas.
  • (If applicable), in an argument choose a problem or issue that allows for differences of opinion. Clearly state this difference.
  • State the position taken in the paper. Offer proof to support your position is reasonable.
  • Anticipate objections to the position addressed the objections. Restate the position.
  • Use two or more methods of development in the research paper:description, narration, example, process, comparison/contrast,classification/division, cause/effect, or demonstration.
  • Include a sentence in the concluding paragraph that restatesthe thesis or summarizes the main points. The paper must end with theconclusion paragraph pulling everything together.
  • References included, the resources must be print orelectronic books, research journals, periodicals, or electronic databasereferences. one source may be web-based, with no more than onnon-juried/non-referred Internet site being used.
  • APA style, at least 8 pages of content.

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