Brexit will have a impact an the business ability to trade internationally


Socio cultural

  1. Aimed at young adults to adults. This is a good market as they are the market most concerned with fashion, however it limits the amount of people they can target this is especially a problem with the UK as it has an ageing population meaning most of its population is over the age of 40
  2.  Targeted at both male and Female with it leaning more towards females this allows them to target a larger market which is needing to help them increase their profits so that they can achieve their growth targets.
  3. Bringing out a children’s shoe range to allow them to further increase their range and help them with their targets


  1. New call centre located in Leeds opened however the poor management leads to it being not fully effective and not working at the full efficiency that it can
  2. All the company based online meaning there is no real physical entity for the business,this could be a problem as is not seen as a physical entity which may negatively affect the business image
  3. Modern innovative idea of subscription however this is ethically questionable for the company and may lead it to trouble due to it not being Cleary stated
  4. Access to all the customers details online this good for the company as it will allow it to target specific customers with ads tailored to them


  1. There are plans to expand the warehouse however there is a problem with this as they would have to be built on green belt sites which would be difficult to get planning permission.
  2. To counter this the company is looking to plant trees outside the new building to hide an make the building fit in however this will be costly and won’t cure the main problem which is the destruction of habitats
  3. All materials that are used are natural this negatively effects the environment as it uses natural products which may not be sustainable
  4. Cycle to work scheme available at the company however they have little take up which shows the companies poor environmental record


  1. Brexit -pound will weaken when the Uk leaves this will have a big impact on the workings of the business imports will become more expensive and exports less profitable this will negatively affect the business ability to reach its targets
  2. Brexit- re negotiation of trading laws and taxes when trading with Europe may include tariffs and quotas
  3. Looking to invest in Chinese suppliers this should help reduce cost but may have unseen consequences with things like the quality of the products


  1. Brexit-regulations + quotas for imported and exported goods
  2. Brexit re negotiate trade deals with suppliers
  3. Potential ban on zero hours contract labour costs


  1. Minimum wage increase labour costs up
  2. Trading standards act the company says it is selling a product that it isn’t – the descriptions act
  3. Health and safety regulations this can negatively effect the company especially in the warehouse with the forklift trucks


  1. Zero hour contracts are ethically bad and frowned upon this is due to the fact that work isn’t guaranteed which may effect people who rely on the income to survive
  2. Subscription policy is not clear to the customer this means that the customer may sign up for something that they do not know about this could have a bad effect on the companies image and may even cause legal action to be take i.e. amazon prime
  3. Products are not like they are described this goes against the trading standards act and can cause the business to suffer legal repercussions
  4. There are long working hours at the call centre this may seem to be unethical due to the high stress that it will put upon the individual
  5. Safety issues in the warehouse shows that the company does not care about the safety of its employees
  6. The company has access to all of a customers information this can be seen as ethically bad especially after all the stuff that happened with companies like Facebook

Balance Scorecard

The companies mission is to be a responsible and profitable business providing affordable comfortableand fashionable footwear and accessories and giving fantastic personal service to all our customers


Double uk turnover and profits by 2020

Increase eu sales with profit equalling current uk by 2021


Affordable but fashionable clothing company

Develop the brand to move its position to attract shoe enthusiasts

Learning and growth

Look to expand warehouse to accommodate more stock

Dedicated team looking for new designs to help the compete in a challenging market

Looking to invest in Chinese suppliers

Internal business process

Look to improve customer service and relations

Discounts of 20% for all staff up to 200

Senior managers can select from the full range

Employees can only choose from unsold stock

Schein culture

Artifacts and symbols:

Focused on the visible aspect of the company

Also refers to the values of the company which for UFA is high quality products


Open communication between managers and staff – however this does not occur as the only way for the staff to communicate is through work unions which only 20% of the staff are signed up to

Shown as employee complaints aren’t logged

This has resulted in issues surrounding the warehouse being over crowded with stock due to overbuying which results in dangerous working conditions to operate forklift trucks in

Basic assumptions:

Managers all friends and not driven to increase their performance due to the fact that they do not under go performance reviews.

Managers get all the credit as in bonuses while no other staff get any

Stakeholder analysis

3 owners have high influence and interest due to having full ownership of the business. The priority of the owners for the business is to increase their wealth to do this thye want the business to increase in profit

Employees have low influence and high interest in the business. They want to increase the profit of the business as if they do this then there job security is more likely to increase and they may see the trickle down effect in terms of their wage. Full time employees are more likely to have a larger interest in the business due to them most likely relying on the business for financial safety

Agency staff- have low influence and low interest in the business this is due to the fact that no matter how the business performs they can easily be transferred to a different job. Issues with health and safety

Suppliers high influence and medium interest in the business. They want the business to survive as that keeps the as a customer they influence the company by controlling the price

Customers have high influence and medium intrestThe customers care that the business provides good value for money high quality and good customer service. If this is not achieved the customer can choose to spend the money elsewhere negatively affecting the company’s performance

Community have low influence and medium interest in the business due to it providing local jobs and how it effects the local environment this relates to the company with the planned expansion of the warehouse

Can negatively impact the business by protesting and vetoing planning permission

Government medium influence and interest the government wants to make sure that the business is operating legally and paying the correct amount of taxand providing jobs for the local community they can influence the business with laws and subsidies



They provide things to charity, they have a stable senior management team

They provide good quality goods they have a good brand image


Stock rotation is very poor, they sometimes over order leading to too much stock

The senior management team’s friendship is negatively affecting the business


Investigating suppliers in china to allow them to lower costs


Brexit will have a impact an the business ability to trade internationally

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