research the role, mission, duties, and responsibilities of the Department of Homeland Security

Please Research and Analysis Paper (must be original)

In a 4–5-page paper, please research the role, mission, duties, and responsibilities of the Department of Homeland Security. Position is (Immigration Service Assistant) Please be sure to address why this entity was formed, what responsibilities it has, its enabling legislation, and law enforcement agencies that have been acquired through the creation of the DHS. Discuss how the DHS prepares and provides assistance to law enforcement agencies. Discuss how the agencies communicate regarding legislation requirements (in person, via electronic means, via paper, etc.) and how this may impact their positions. Conclude with a paragraph that addresses your own thoughts on this agency’s inception and current effectiveness that includes how the DHS has (or may) impact how your co-workers respond to situations and interpersonal situations within the workplace.

P.S. here are some of the duties of  Immigration Service Assistant:Using government systems to initiate security checks in accordance with all applicable DHS/USCIS laws and policies. Conducts file searches for aliases and dates of birth and criminal behavior. Reports all instances of fraud or suspected fraud, including misrepresentation of identity, submission of fraudulent or altered documents, and patterns discerned by review and analysis of submitted petitions and applications. Identifies and prioritizes files with national security threats and public safety issues. Ensures that all records and property are maintained and destroyed in accordance with security requirements.

Supports Immigration Services Officers by prescreening various applications and submissions by USCIS customers for accuracy, completeness of initial supporting documentation, and eligibility for benefit. Specific activities include, but are not limited to: verifying information; tracking responses to requests for additional evidence; managing files; reviewing officers’ resolutions for accuracy; scheduling appointments; following up to ensure process is completed; updating content; reviewing petitions to determine the nature of the request and determining the appropriate location for the petition to be adjudicated; assisting with prioritization of cases and workload distribution; identifying still-pending cases; making prima facie determinations; supporting naturalization ceremonies; reviewing systems and files to ensure accuracy, to include systems checks and notifications to interested parties.

Manages and analyzes incoming mail, including Congressional correspondence, in accordance with current agency procedures. Represents USCIS in written inquiries, requests and final decisions.

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