The company operates 40 locations in seven states

You work in the information technology group of a chain of sporting goods stores. The company operates 40 locations in seven states. The 40 locations are organized into four regions (north, south, east, and west) with 10 stores each. Regional managers are responsible for inventory management, procurement of inventory, sales, and marketing for their particular region. The company has been processing all transactions electronically (with customers and suppliers), and it has captured all the data in a large data warehouse. Unfortunately, the regional managers are complaining that there is so much information in the data warehouse that extracting meaningful data has become difficult. You’ve just been placed on the team that will be designing a new data strategy for the company.

a. Setting up data marts would probably help with the accessibility of information. What type of data marts would you suggest setting up? Make sure you explain who will benefit from the data marts you suggest.

b. For the data marts you identified, list the data that should be stored in each data mart and explain how the regional managers could make use of that information to manage their group of stores. 


Data management in a data warehouse requires a strategic system of data organization, management, and processing. For the case of the company data issues provided, I will use my data management skills to enhance the organization for easy accessibility and extraction. The strategy for solving the issues will involve the creation of a data mart. A data mart is a subject-oriented database that is often a partitioned segment of the enterprise data warehouse. The function of the data mart in the company is to provide a focused version and more condensed system of managing data in the warehouse to reflect the process specifications and regulation of the business organization (Golfarelli, & Rizzi, 2009). Each mart will define the specific business function for each of the 40 regions. There are three commendable data marts that will help in enhancing the accessibility of the data are dependent, independent and hybrid. Dependent data mart can easily be built using two different patterns: user access or data junkyard access option. On the other hand, the implementation of an independent data mart is antithetical to the motivation of building a data warehouse the hybrid data mart combines input from sources apart from Data warehouse. This is essential during the integration of ad-hoc.

The kind of data for dependent data mart will include merchandising, advertising, distribution, and sales. For independent, on the other hand, will require the following data; marketing, production services and accounts receivable data. The hybrid data mart will be composed of external and operational data sources. As a regional manager, I will make use of the data mart for data storage management, fast data access, data protection, multiuser support and for security enhancement. The data mart will help the manager optimize and fine-tune employee performance through data management. Regulation of data will be enhanced through the management of fresh data and extraction of old data.

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