What aspect of the criminal process did you find most interesting in this course?

For the final forum in this course, please answer the following: 

1) What aspect of the criminal process did you find most interesting in this course?  

2) Which aspects of the criminal process do you think needed more study for you to fully understand?  

3) I would like everyone to share with each other what your next step is at APUS.  Are you enrolled in another course after this one?   Has this course got you thinking about taking a course that you had not previously considered?  Is there anything that I, as your instructor, can do to help you plan out your future courses at AMU/APU?

You must post your initial response by Wednesday of the week assigned and must reply to 2 others by Sunday of the week assigned.

Your initial substantive response should be at least 250 words. YAll citations must be in APA or Blue book format.

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