European Union (EU)

Executive summary

In today’s business world, the economy is governed from multiple countries and polices. Within the 28 countries involved inside of the European Union (EU) many factors determine if business is possible or capable of being successful. With establishing a strategy that’s aligned with the EU, the considerations of issues such as BREXIT and why a country decided to separate themselves from collaborative economy chain is something to be considerate of. Understanding the current status of the EU is another aspect of making key decisions. With decision making of founding a strategy aligned with the EU, learning the Advantages and Disadvantages is the critical factor when placing the foundation of a county’s future economy. This includes the foreign and security policies, the political scene, the European economy as well as migration and refugees’ issues that may improve or effect the country’s economy when it comes to how resources and finances are spent.

Comparing those polices and regulations and economic benefits with the United States polices will provide a long-term definitive contingency or solution to either a unified economic outlook or the decision to seclude oneself from the EU and conducting business from a distance.

Key lessons taken from history during the economic collapse of several countries such as Venezuela and Greece will be closely analyzed as to understanding the advantages and disadvantages of forming a strategy under the EU.


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