The PAS Prospectus

The PAS Prospectus is a preliminary document that serves as the foundation for the proposal document for the PAS. It is a relatively short document and should not exceed approximately 6 pages of text, excluding appendices and references.

This paper is a qualitative study using a case study, using a survey questionnaire NOT interviews or observations.

·        Title Page (The qualitative study of Charter Schools vs. Public Schools: Perceptions of Teachers and Administrators)

·        Problem Statement (What is the problem that needs to be solved from the title page)

·        Purpose Statement (What am I going to solve the problem? How am I going to identify it from the problem statement)?

·        Nature of the Study

·        Research Question(s) (Must align with the problem statement and purpose statement)

·        Conceptual Framework

·        Significance of the Study

·        References (Need to be included in the body of the paper and in the reference section as well)

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