Organisational Change Project

Organisational Change Project

Instructions for Organisational Change Project (2500 words) due in Week 13 (50% of the course grade)

Each student will write a paper synthesising organisational change theory and practice in the unit. This project is creating a case study of an organization that requires a change intervention.

The paper will cover the change project and includes the following:

(a) what is/are the outcome/s expected from this change project;

(b) what is the current reality and how did it become so;

(c) how substantial is the gap between current reality and expected outcome/s;

(d) description and details of the proposed change

(e) address any resistance to or other barriers for change;

(f) identify the change agents and assess if they are willing and able; and

(g) given the responses to the previous questions, is change feasible? Implications of the change, both positive and negative as well as evaluation of the effectiveness of the post-change organization must be considered.

Findings must be summarised and a concise conclusion included. Appropriate scholarly sources must be integrated:  a minimum of ten articles from peer-reviewed journals.ize of the report: 2500 words, not including cover page and references. You are expected to integrate scholarly sources in your writing, using them to explain, justify and support your assertions/ observations. Integrate biblical/ethical principles into the content of your paper.

Font size 12 Times New Roman, APA format required. Please do not use personal voice. Review rubric in the Assessment section in Moodle.

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