Gettysburg speech by Abraham Lincoln

The description of the assignment is that :
1 a page is required 

due date is 4 hrs 

We are assigned to read (speech is Gettysburg speech by Abraham Lincoln   )
You should answer only one of the following questions
Your answer must include three things:
1- you must provide a professional/ personal story or point that will support your answer
2- you need to find 2 outside resources to support your answer
3- you must replay to 2 students answers on the same question and proovide new point

Select ANY ONE (AND ONLY ONE!) of the discussion points below as your starting point.  Then, you may address anything from the speech or reading that catches your eye and is relevant to that discussion point. Consult the syllabus and see the Discussion rubric attached for more on how you will be evaluated.

  1. What makes this speech so good?
  2. Why do we still quote this speech today?
  3. What rhetorical devices does Lincoln use?