Ordered and complete content

Discussions Details About YOUR initial post:  (Remember,You will receive a 2/5 if you just post a perfect discussion and no responses)

You will type up at least a 300 word response corresponding to the discussion question for the week. You will copy and paste this into the discussion or upload this as a PDF document within the discussion forum post. Your answer will contain the following:

  1. Ordered and complete content: Your answer must be in your own words and should be structured. The structure is up to you. You do not have to number your response. But you can. 
    1. Understandable and clear content: All sentences should be understandable to other classmates.
    1. Precision/Accuracy: Be as detailed and correct as possible about the concepts. Do not step far into creative boundaries. This exercise is about getting the details right.
      1. Think about the text perspective our classmates will be using to analyze your content. Make it as accessible as possible using clear sentences and word choice.
      1. Proofread your posts before you post them to make sure that the structure and content are presentable. 

(B) How to respond to two classmates once you’ve posted:

Remember, eachweekyouwillberequiredtopostyourreflectiveresponse to two individuals bythe specified day and time in the Weekly Directions and below in the Weekly outline.

Structured suggestionsforalldiscussionresponses:

  1. Youmusttrytorespondtoclassmatesthatarelackinginresponses.So,ifyouseesomeonewith2responsesalready,respondtoanotherperson.Wewantthesetobedistributed.
  2. Yourresponseshouldnotbeacriticism,butratheranexplorationofideas.Youcanpointoutsomethinginterestingabouttheclassmate’sresponse,suggestanexample,takethediscussionabitfurther,orsuggestanalternativeview, introduce new organization/structure, etc.Theresponseiscollaborativeratherthancompetitive.Thegoalistousethesediscussionresponsesasbrainstormingideasforprojectsaswellasreviewforeachweek.
  3. Responsesmustbe5-8sentenceslong.Responsesunder5sentenceswillreceivehalf points for each response automatically (3/5 total).
  4. Themainelementthataresponseshouldhaveisengagementwiththeresearch.Iamlookingtoseeifyouareprocessingtheinformationratherthanjustputtinginacoupleofkeywords.
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