research a controversial

Argumentative– research a controversial topic of your choosing (cleared with me first), choose a position and convince me your position is the “right” position.

MLA Format

10 pages long (the Works Cited page does not count as one of these pages)

Works Cited with a minimum of 5 sources

Proper in-line citations

Carefully edited for grammatical errors, spelling and punctuation

Logically organized

Scholarly style

Well researched (the 5 sources mentioned above is a minimum number)

Avoids plagiarism

Refrains from using the words you, your, you’re

**You will not actually be graded on whether or not I ultimately agree with your position. However, students who write the best argumentative papers generally start with the belief that their opinion is different than mine and attempt to “change my mind.

Research proposal

Writing explaining what controversial topic will be covered and why this topic was chosen.

Due date dec 30

Short paragraph

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