Evidence-Based Patient-Centered Concept Map assessment


·        You may use the template on the following page to help you complete your Evidence-Based Patient-Centered Concept Mapassessment. The template has been created to mirror the formatting of the draft concept map from the Evidence-Based Patient-Centered Caremedia piece.

·        To get started, you can copy and paste the information you exported into a Microsoft Word document from the media piece.

·        Remember to change the title of the diamonds currently labeled “[Other, Insert Appropriate Title]” to a title that accurately reflects the category of information in the diamond.

·        Remember to insert APA style, in-text citations where appropriate.

·        Add additional items and connections as appropriate to fully develop your concept map.

·        You are not required to use this template. You may use a different template or tool.

·        If you encounter accessibility issues while working with this template, please contact your instructor for assistance and possible alternatives.


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