Culture and Positioning

M2 Assignment 1: Culture and Positioning

Select a product or service that is marketed in the U.S. and in another country. Based on your knowledge and experience, as well as research, describe how the product is positioned differently in the U.S. versus the other country. Explain two cultural and two noncultural reasons for the difference in positioning.

By 1/3/19 8PM PST, submit your responses to the Discussion Area.  Make sure your response is in Word format, no less than 2 pages, with at least 3 credible scholarly sources clearly and correctly cited in proper APA format.

Through the end of the module, comment on your peers’ responses with value added comments that demonstrate your level of learning/understanding of the course material. Is the product or service selected appropriate? Is product positioning correctly described? Are the identified cultural and noncultural reasons for positioning plausible?

Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Quality of initial posting, including fulfillment of assignment instructions 16
Quality of responses to classmates 12
Frequency of responses to classmates 4
Reference to supporting readings and other materials 4
Language and grammar 4
Total: 40
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