The Leapfrog Group is a not-for-profit national organization that functions independently


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The Leapfrog Group is a not-for-profit national organization that functions independently. The organization focus is to save lives by reducing injuries, accidents, infections, and errors; it also focuses on quality, affordable healthcare, and quality. The organization reports hospital performance through Leapfrog Hospital Survey where 2,000 hospitals participate for free voluntarily, annually.  The organization assigns an A, B, C, D or F grade (Leapfrog Group, 2018).

I work for Jupiter Medical Center which is a not-for-profit organization. The Organization’s mission is to provide compassionate and excellent care. The Leapfrog Group awarded Jupiter Medical center an A in its release of the fall 20118 Hospital safety grades for safety. Quantros is a software solution provider that advanced health care safety and quality that ranked Jupiter Medical center as one of the top-performing hospitals in the country in risk-adjusted mortality (Jupiter Medical Center, 2019).

HCAHPS is the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider and Systems that survey patients nationally about their experiences during a recent hospital stay. Jupiter Medical Center ranks the highest in-patient satisfaction. Jupiter is named Joint Commission Top Performer on Key Quality Measure (Jupiter Medical Center, 2019). Patients are seen by a doctor in 20 minutes; it takes 2 hours and 38 minutes to be sent home. If the patients are admitted, it takes 5 hours and 26 minutes. Patients get to the room when they are admitted in 8 hours and 32minutes. 1% of patients leave Jupiter Medical Center without being seen, and 80% of patients would recommend Jupiter Medical Center (ProPublica, 2017).

I believe we can improve on the time the patients had to wait to be discharged, admit, and to go to a room. We can invest by hiring at least two extra nurses for the ER and the Unit department to help with the admissions and the discharges process. The days the patients go to the ER the most are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and the discharges are Friday and Saturday. With teamwork, we can achieve the goal that will save us time and cost-effective. I used to work for an organization where the charge nurse on the unit would call the ER nurse to get the report. The process had worked. We had an admitting nurse. Patients were happy with how fast they were served.  Jupiter Medical Center is committed to the health and well-being of the patients, and we work as a team to guarantee patients’ safety is our top priority.


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