Involuntary transfer is unjust; it is theft!

Libertarians hold that a state may justly tax individuals to fund institutions necessary for the enforcement of rights, for example a police force, national defense, and a court system. 9 But taxation for other purposes is unjust; it is theft. Here is a short list of uses to which states put tax money, which libertarians reject: public schools; public health; public parks; public libraries; public transportation; publicly financed roads, bridges, and power-infrastructure; public sanitation; and public monuments. States also put tax money to use supporting the poor and elderly here at home, and promoting the well-being of people in other countries. Libertarians hold that using tax money on these things involves forcing individuals to pay for something other than the protection of rights – and that is unjust. That is theft. If people want schools, healthcare, parks, libraries, trains, roads, bridges, power lines, sanitation, and so on, they can make or buy those things. No one should be forced to buy those things. States also usually regulate marketplace exchanges, for example limiting what may be exchanged (no buying and selling recreational drugs, sex, or human organs!), at what prices (think of minimum wage laws determining the price of labor), and under what conditions (no discrimination in the workplace or in public accommodations on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, etc.). Libertarians hold that this kind of regulation of marketplace exchanges is unjust. It is unjust because it does not protect anyone’s rights.

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