The history of the internet

Students will research the history of the Internet and write a 1-3 page research paper. The paper will be formatted in accordance with APA style. Students must utilize four (4) sources from the CTC ( Central Texas College) online Library.
I have some some authors from the CTC online library that you can use and make some research online and cite them:
1-History of the Internet, by Hilary Poole, Tami Schuyler, Theresa M. Senft

2-The History of the internet, by Josepha Sherman

3- The History of the internet and the World Wide Web, by Art Wolinsky

4- A Brief History of the Internet
The Bright Side: The Dark Side, by Maxwell Fuller
Michael Hart

You can add more if you want, but 3 has to be from CTC online library. I already gave you 4. 

If you want to access CTC online library : go <link is hidden> then to student portal and click on library down to your right and then go to database, from there you can enter ” The History of The Internet” and you will have many sources. Thanks

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