Transformational Leadership: Emotional Intelligence.

  • Review the article, “Transformational Leadership: Emotional Intelligence.” Focus on how transformational leaders influence others and provide movement and change within their organizations.
  • Review the information provided on the Changing Minds website, paying particular attention to the assumptions for each of the eight theories covered.
  • Select two leadership theories that resonate the most with you, and think about why they have this appeal.
  • Consider similarities and differences between the two theories you chose.
  • Think about new insights you had and conclusions you might draw about leadership based on the comparison.

By Day 7

The Assignment (2–3 pages):

  • In your own words, describe two leadership theories that resonate most with you. Explain their appeal to you.
  • Analyze the similarities and differences of these two leadership theories.
  • Conclude your paper by articulating the insights you had and new conclusions you reached about leadership based on your comparison of the two theories.
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