Classmate 1. Althea

As a manager when forming a cross-functional team it is important that the members contain a mixture of different personality roles which helps to enhance the team. The team is comprised of several important roles, some are a team leader, innovator, quality control, out putter, judge, reviewer and more. Each role works in conjunction to best serve the team and help solve any problems (CBS News, 2007). When making a conceptual design the trade-off decisions must be checked completely before the final change is made. The requirements include several decisions. Some of the trade-off factors to consider are the operating system, memory size, and power before making the final decision (CBS News, 2007). In making the decisions that pertain to technology acquisitions for supply chain, management should defiantly be consulted in these decisions. There are three ways that technology has improved the ability to manage a chain supply they are; (EDI) Electronic Data Interchange, Bar Codes, (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification. Using EDI helps with the ordering process, accounting, production, inventory control, and distribution. It also helps to reduce or eliminate the bullwhip effect. EDI allows supply chain members to share information in real time which helps develop more accurate demand forecasts and reduce uncertainty. Barcodes allow supply chains to keep track of products and scan information easier. RFID theory requires using radio waves to move data between a scanner and an item such as a package or a shipping container. The tags allow a merchant or seller to know routinely what supplies they have and where they are on the globe. With the support of modern technology, businesses have better visibility with their supply chains. The technology can help them shorten their supply chain management and allow them to run the business more professionally and give them improved control of their inventory (Flash Global, 2015)

Classmate 2.

Dependency on information technology has seen a steady rise in organizations as a strategic competitive advantage. The technology acquisition process is vital and essential in the development of a good management system for a company or organization. The process itself involves the identification and analysis of solutions as compared to already established business needs. One of the most important assessments would be to first identify the business objectives after discovering the problem. A feasibility study is also required to be conducted in order to establish the constraints for each business perspective. This includes an economic feasibility study and an operational feasibility study. Supply chain technology has led to the improvement of many businesses and organizations through the optimization of processes within. This can be seen through real-time and actionable data such an inventory data and customer data which may be manipulated to produce a desired effect in the supply chain. Visibility is also enhanced throughout the supply chain through generated customized reports on customers and priorities may be set. It also improves communication within the supply chain which will create predictability and consistency to enable efficient service to the customers.

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