Argument Analysis

Argument Analysis Detailed Assignment Sheet

This assignment builds on the Critical Review assignment and will require that you utilize the library’s resources in conjunction with models from the book and provided in class to rhetorically analyze several articles based on your research topic.

Directions:    You will consume several (at least 2) sources that lend themselves to rhetorical analysis, for our purposes, this primarily means that they are opinion-based. This provides an opportunity to consider the ideas the authors present, however, your primary focus will be to analyze the rhetorical approaches of the authors (filmmakers, etc.) and whether and how they are effective in conveying their messages. Your thesis therefore, should be a statement that draws a conclusion about all three sources based on your rhetorical analysis. You should consider any rhetorical devices such as the following: analogy, hyperbole, anecdote, expert testimony, eyewitness accounts, statistics, charts and graphs, arch tone, satire, sarcasm, embellishment, etc.  You should use the information in chapter 16 and 36 to develop your ideas.


  • Due date:
  • No fewer than 3 or more than 5 pages. MLA format throughout, including: double-spacing; Times New Roman or Arial 12 only; in-text citations and a Works Cited page in MS Word.
  • Attach annotated drafts and peer critiquing.
  • Rubric attached as last page.
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