Evaluate one of the neurotransmitters covered in this week’s readings

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 3 and 4 in your course textbook, and watch The nervous system and the senses video. 

Please choose either Option A or Option B for your discussion posting.

Option A

Complete the following:

· Evaluate one of the neurotransmitters covered in this week’s readings.

o Explain the role it plays in modulating responses to a drug of abuse in Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

§ For example, you could choose the acetylcholine receptor system and discuss the role this neurotransmitter plays in nicotine use disorder (addiction to nicotine).

o In addition to your evaluation of the specific neurotransmitter and its associated receptor system, discuss the involved neuroanatomical structures (brain regions and neural pathways); the contribution of genetics and environment to the development of dependence, tolerance, and addiction to this substance; as well as clinical treatment interventions (both pharmacological and nonpharmacological).

o Also in your discussion, imagine you are in a career position that utilizes a degree in psychology, including, but not limited to, that of a social worker, teacher or teacher’s aide, child care worker, psychiatric technician or other behavioral health staff, peer support specialist, social service specialist, probation or parole officer, case manager, or counselor.

§ How would your knowledge of the neurobiology of Substance Use Disorder (substance abuse/addiction) help you in your professional life?

§ How would this knowledge help you better assist your clients, students, or patients?

§ For instance, think of how this knowledge would help reduce the stigma associated with this disorder, or how this might reinforce the need for compliance with recommended treatment.

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