Applying Management Concepts for Success at School and Career

Applying Management Concepts for Success at School and Career
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MGT/521 Week One Concepts and Applications Worksheet

Concept Summarize (50-75 words per response) Cite Question Apply (50-75 words per response)
Definition of management     How can you apply the definition of management to better perform in your job?  
The functions of management     How can you apply the functions of management to be more efficient and effective in integrating your MBA pursuit with work and family?  
Differences among the four levels of management [hint: pyramid]?     Where are you on the management pyramid? What is your strategy for advancing up the pyramid while pursuing your MBA?  
Skills exceptional managers need     Considering the skills exceptional managers need, what are your strengths and weaknesses? How will you cultivate those skills at school and work?  
Roles that managers must play     Considering the three types of managerial roles defined by Mintzberg, what actions should you take to fulfill your role as an effective and efficient manager?  
Difference between a fixed mind-set and a growth-mindset     Do you have a fixed mind-set or a growth mind-set? How will developing and strengthening a growth mind-set help you to become more successful at school, work, and family?  
Management theory (Identify three)     What management theory most aligns with your preferred management style? How might shifting your preferences make you a better manager?  

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