Weed and Seed

Weed and Seed.

Weed and Seed

Dunworth, T., et.al. National Evaluation of WEED & SEED Cross-Site Analysis.

Assignment: read the Executive Summary through Chapter 1: Background and Objectives of Operation Weed and Seed (pages xiii through 8).

Upon completion of reading the assignment; please create a minimum of 1 post with your description and 2 responses for the following policy descriptions.

  1. post with your description (no more than 100 words)
  • write your responses #1 under this description.

(Weed and Seed is stated as an “Incubator for social change”.  It is a strategy targeting specific communities to mobilize and coordinate resources, as opposed to some programs that simply allocate funds to send to activities or to local agencies.  It is designed to be proactive instead of reactive.  One vital piece to this is building trust, there is a need to build relationships with both individuals and the community as a whole.  One a relationship is established there is an allowance for more direct dealings.  Without that relationship piece many of the people who could be helped by Weed and Seed would not be receptive to that help.  In the areas where there is significant data, there was certainly some success in the majority of areas.)

  • write your responses #2 under this description.

(After reviewing this article, it is easy to see how this program was one of the first the implement a strong push towards community policing. I can also see how it also shares similarities with the war on drugs, however the Weed and Seed program also focused on violent crimes. I think this study in particular does a good job showing different locations, or sites, where this concept worked and did not work. One aspect I thought was interesting was the amount of funding it took for cities and states to implement this kind of program, and then comparing it to modern day community policing. Although the Weed and Seed also focused on extracting criminals from these communities in different ways. It is interesting to see now how it costs next to nothing to set up something like coffee with a cop or crafts with a cop to get the community to interact and bond with police officers.)

Weed and Seed

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