Globalization has helped Europe in many ways

Globalization has helped Europe in many ways.

Globalization has helped Europe in many ways. It has done things such as open up borders which allows citizens to go as they please to other countries without a passport. This also will let them trade in a market economy which will help Europe by doing things such as taxing what is bought. Being such a large area has allowed for exponential growth in terms of international trade for Europe. Globalization has allowed Europe to be one of the largest GDP economies in the world.

With globalization comes politics. Globalization has effected the politics and political parties in many ways in Europe. A lot of this comes to play when taxes and tax rates are discussed with globalization. With politics also comes the talk of welfare and how well the economy does as well. Europe’s welfare state is higher than that of the United States and Canada meaning many Europeans still survive by living off of welfare. Many Europeans feel this is “a sense of balance social rights, civic solidarity and collective responsibility that was appropriate and possible for the modern state” (Shubert, Goldstein, 2012). Therefore, the government needs welfare to help keep their current economy and many governments find it impossible to stop most of their current welfare. However, many feel something will have to be done because of individuals wanting lower taxes, but still wanting healthcare which is rising by costs annually.

As globalization and technology advances so does things such as terrorism. With computers doing more of the fair share of labor this makes it easy for hackers and other forms of terrorism to get the job done. Hackers can now hack government software which they can use against the government. They can also board plans and do terrorist attacks that way such as 911 in the United States. “Terrorists utilized modern technology, enormous organizational capabilities, and considerable financial resources to launch attacks around the world, including several against the United States and its allies” (Auerbach, 2018). However, security walls, metal detectors, and x-ray machines that look into bags help fight the spread of terrorism that comes with having one of the world’s largest economies.  

Nationalism plays a huge role in terrorism. This is because these groups want to be as mighty and powerful as countries such as Europe and the United States. Therefore, they will do whatever it takes to show that their way of life is the correct way and that it is superior to others way of life.

In many cases terrorists become they way they are through many different ways such as the beliefs they grow up learning and what they are taught is right and wrong. They grow up to what we call as wrong as a way of life. In many cases this is done through years of abuse or teaching of their way.

Many Europeans are affected by terrorism because just like in many recent attacks citizens were killed by buses, cars, and other forms of travel that they use to do their daily routines. This makes many Europeans fear to take these ways of transportation because they are scared of what might could happen.

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Globalization has helped Europe in many ways

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