One Interconnected Economy

Online Discussion (need about 150 words)

“One Interconnected Economy” Please respond to the following:

Read the articles: “Wal-Mart Japan to focus on remodeling stores, no plans to exit market.” Located at and “Walmart aims for Japan turnaround” located at and prepare to discuss, assuming you are currently a store manager at Walmart and due to your fluency in the Japanese language, the company has assigned you to manage one of their Seiyu-brand stores in Japan. Determine the skills, strengths, or qualities that you possess, relative to the seven (7) dimensions of the Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness (GLOBE) Model, that would help you successfully manage your store. Predict two (2) cultural differences that may challenge your current management style, and suggest the key actions that could help you address them.

Imagine that your friend Teresa have worked in several capacities in different departments within her present company. This week, her company has promoted her from department manager to CEO, just as it begins to participate in international business. Devise at least five (5) rules that address conflict of interest for Teresa within this new context. Provide a rationale for your response.

***For additional pointers >>> please see the article titled : “List of the Five Dimensions of Culture & How Each Affect Employee Behavior” by Marilyn Lindblad. , and the article titled: “The Organizational Culture Introduction – Global Model”

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