Mental health and illness

Question 1 (please use the attachment labeled mental health and illness for background on the question:

In the State of Washington, mental health expenditures and investment is one of the lowest in the nation. We are suffering from large numbers of people afflicted with mental health disorders and nowhere to obtain treatment. You noted in your post an interesting comment by stating, “While there are people who are exhibiting concerted efforts in the promotion of mental wellness, it is evident that the practice is yet to reach the minimum threshold”. Would you define what minimal?

250 words

Question 2:

Write a professional biography, written in the third person. This biography should be concise (250 words or less) and include the following information ( I have included what each section should talk about, please provide a more in depth explanation of each section ):

  • Current employment and position

Provide an explanation for Global Regulatory Affairs for Pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Also work in Medical Affairs department of Aesthetic surgery

  • Where you live

Live in Massachusetts

  • Major career accomplishments

Senior Global Regulatory Affairs Manager

Worked in Health promotion and Medical affairs as a specialist at BVI, and Takeda

Worked in public health department as a intern for a year in Springfield IL after I completed my MPH in Epidemiology in Kaplan University

  • Areas of interest

Regulatory for medical devices, and pharma

Health promotion

Question 3 :

Respond to post uploaded as a attachment labeled ( health initatives). 250 words

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