The Addiction Severity Index-Lite


In Assignment 1, you will complete some of the Addiction Severity Index-Lite Assignment Template using the Cheyenne’s Scenario which is a simulated audio interview with a client. For Assignment 2, you will write a 2–3 page analysis that includes a DSM-5 diagnosis and appropriate ASAM placement recommendation.

Assignment 1: The Addiction Severity Index-Lite Assignment Template

In this assignment, assume that you are an addiction professional who is working with a client. This is your first meeting and you are assessing her for a possible substance use diagnosis and placement recommendation for treatment. You will use many of the tools that professionals use during these assessment sessions. By the time that you have completed the assignment, you will have used the Addiction Severity Index-Lite (template), DSM-5 (university library), and ASAM placement criteria (p. 101 of your text).

Find the DSM-5 in university library.

Listen to Cheyenne’s Scenario (click here for transcripts) and take notes to assist you in filling out the Addiction Severity Index-Lite Assignment Template.

For Assignment 1, you will listen carefully to the audio recording of a client discussing her concerns. It is recommended that you listen a few times. Typically, interview style assessments do not follow a “ask question, give answer” type of format. Many times, a counselor will collect data from the client as he/she talks about his/her life. Write a few notes in the analysis areas of the Assignment Template to remind you of what you think about the content.

Complete the Addiction Severity Index-Lite Assignment Template based on Cheyenne’s Scenario.

Be sure to use your notes from listening to Cheyenne’s Scenario. If you feel that some of the information is missing, you may complete those sections by creating the information yourself. However, be certain that it is not first provided in the audio interview.

Follow the directions in the red type throughout. These are added to help you understand better what information is needed in that section. If you have questions as you fill this out, check for the red comments. If you still have questions, email your professor.

You will notice that some parts of ASI-Lite Assignment Template are completed for you. Please do not change this information but do use it when completing your analysis in Assignment 2. I have attached the template and transcript. This is the video site


Assignment 2: DSM-5 Diagnosis and Written Analysis

This portion of the Assignment should be 2–3 pages and must contain the following:

DSM-5 diagnosis (e.g., Amphetamine Use Disorder, moderate)

ASAM placement decision (p. 101 of text): identify factors that support placement. I have attached page 101

decision and how these factors contribute to her risk the disorder getting worse

brief explanation of her genetic predisposition to addiction

brief discussion of an addiction model that could be used in her treatment (e.g., strength based or whole person approach)

Include the following in your analysis:

Identify the key factors used to make the ASAM placement recommendation.

Explain how those factors contribute to the client’s risk for developing a severe use disorder.

Assess the client’s potential genetic predisposition towards addiction (Why are children of parents who abused alcohol have a potential higher risk for developing an addiction?).

Choose either the Strength-Based approach or the Whole Person approach and briefly explain the approach.

Discuss why this would be a good treatment model to use with this client.

Format your paper using the following:

APA formatting and citation guidelines style

Times New Roman 12-point font

Double spacing and Standard English

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