Why? What’s happening at your job that is making you want to quit?

Course Project- Listening Traps

Someone said to me, “I am thinking about quitting my job.”

Questioning: Why? What’s happening at your job that is making you want to quit?

I used a questioning response when interacting with this person. I prompted the person to tell me more about the situation to gain a better understanding. Questioning helped me determine what type of response to use next. My question was directed towards gaining a better understanding of the situation. I believe this was the best response to the situation because I had limited information about the situation. I could have used a minimally encouraging listening type to allow the other person to expand on their statement as much as they wanted to.

Supporting: I am really happy for you. You and Jean are a really good match. You deserve to have a good relationship; after all, you’ve been through.

            I used a supportive response in response to my friend. I choose this type of response because I had prior knowledge about the situation and I felt as if she needed positive reinforcement. My friend’s response was to continue talking about all the reason’s she was happy in her relationship, and she compared her current relationship to past relationships. I could have used a questioning type of response to gain a better understanding of why my friend seemed surprised about her feelings in her relationship.  Questioning her would have allowed me to get direct answers to my question. Using a questioning response may have given me similar answers to using a supportive style.

My brother said to me “I talked to Mom today, and I’m really worried about her. I think I’m going to go see her this weekend.”

    Questioning: What did she say? Do you think she has been having a hard time since Dad died?

I used a questioning response when addressing my brother’s concerns about our mother. Using a questioning response created an environment for my brother to tell me about his concerns about our mother. I could have used a supporting type of response because I had knowledge of what my brother’s concerns were and he could have benefited from knowing that I was there for him. I could have also used a paraphrasing response to my brother to let him know that I understood what he was saying, and he would have also felt supported by me.

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