What company are they and what sector do they compete in

(least 12 references with Harvard referencing style and include in text citation : look at different sources for references)

Part one: (less important than second part)You should choose and describe the company you wish to create a digital marketing strategy and campaign for (H&M  has chosen). This is a chance to provide a context for the strategy to come. The deliverable is a digital audit (plus supporting data) of the company that briefly addresses the following points:

· What company are they and what sector do they compete in?

· A critical review of the use they make of the range of digital marketing channels 

· What is their value offering and how well do they communicate it?

· Who are their competitors or relevant new market entrants and how does their digital marketing compare?

Part two: (the most important part- focus on this part more) You should outline a strategy and propose and justify the choice of a digital marketing initiative drawing on the findings of your company background. The proposal should consider the relevance of the proposed strategy to the company and the market, and the expected effectiveness of chosen digital marketing initiatives, with consideration of how to measure effectiveness.

The digital marketing initiative can be chosen by you but some examples might include:

· a targeted email campaign, with examples over a period of time

· an SEO strategy for the web site, exploring several distinct areas of the site, and the changes to traffic, with a framework to analyse the results

· a blog campaign, with supporting social media targeting identified audience(s)

· a mobile app or game or new features for an existing app

· a new / prototype (five page) web site with a call to action

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