The rise of human-computer cooperation

The rise of human-computer cooperation.

For this assignment, you will produce HTML/CSS web pages that documents your perspective on how human-computer interaction (HCI) and human-computer cooperation (HCC) are or could be applied in your field of interest.  We will be working on this during class time and leveraging what you are learning in the online modules.

  1. Watch this video from Shyam Sankar (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. about the value of human-computer cooperation.
  2. We’ll discuss key concepts in HCI during class. Use your notes from that and other work as a reference on HCI
  3. HCC. For HCC, describe an application of computing where computing power complements human skill to do something amazing. Research applications of computing in your field of interest and find a compelling example of how computing coupled with human skill provides great value.
  4. HCI. For HCI, take an example of an application in your field of interest and describe how poor design can negatively impact the user. 
  5. In an HTML/CSS, clearly describe these two applications of computing and the value it brings. (Around 2 paragraphs each)
  6. Structure and style your submission using at least the following elements.
    1. <h1> (or 2, 3, etc.)
    1. <p>
    1. <div>
    1. <a>
    1. <img>
    1. CSS background-color
    1. CSS color
    1. CSS font-size
    1. CSS padding
    1. CSS margin
  7. Submit your assignment by uploading a single file containing a compressed folder/directory of all your documents to Canvas. There will be at least 3 HTML files including your Home Page / Table of Contents, HCC Response and HCI Response plus any other elements you use such as images. You can embed the CSS in each page or create a separate CSS document as described in the modules.
    1. NOTE: You should store the master copy of your files in your individual Box folder for this course. You will continually add new documents to this folder as you complete future assignments. In the end, you will have a complete project website containing all of the assignments and other materials.
  8. Fully completing the above qualifies for 18 points. For the remaining 2 points read Man-Computer Symbiosis by JCR Licklider (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and briefly comment on what you found most interesting about the read. (1 paragraph) You can include this at the bottom of your HCC web page.

The rise of human-computer cooperation

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