Vehicle upholstery

Vehicle upholstery.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
    1. The Opportunity
      1. Problem to be solved or need to be filled
    1. Brief Description of the Business
  2. How the proposed business solves the problem or fills the need
    1. Competitive Advantage
  3. Brief Description of the business model
    1. The Target Market
    1. The Management Team
    1. Brief Summary of the Financial Projections
  4. The amount of capital needed and what the capital will be used for, if the plan is going to a potential investor
    1. Description of What the Business Needs
    1. Exit Strategy for Investors (if the plan is going to investors)
  5. The Business
    1. The Opportunity
      1. Detailed description of the problem to be solved or need to be filled
    1. The Description of the Business
  6. Description of how the proposed business plans to solve the problem or fill the need
  7. Company history or background
  8. Company mission and objectives
    1. Competitive Advantage
  9. Description of the business model
  10. How the business will create a sustainable competitive advantage
    1. Current Status and Requirements
  11. Description of where the business stands today
  12. Description of what the business needs to move forward
  13. Management Team
    1. Management Team
      1. Management experience
      1. Management ability
      1. Technical expertise
    1. Board of Directors
  14. Number of directors
  15. Composition of the board
    1. Board of Advisers
  16. Number of advisers
  17. Composition of the advisory board
  18. How the advisory board will be used
    1. Key Professional Service Providers
  19. Law firm
  20. Accounting firm
  21. Business consultants
  22. Company Structure, Intellectual Property, and Ownership
    1. Organisational Structure
      1. Organisational chart
      1. Description of organisational structure
    1. Legal Structure
  23. Legal form of organisation
  24. Ownership structure of the business
    1. Intellectual Property
  25. Patents, trademarks, and copyright applied for or approved
  26. Industry Analysis
    1. Industry description
      1. Industry trends
      1. Industry size
      1. Industry attractiveness (growing, mature, or in decline)
      1. Profit potential
    1. Target Market
  27. Description of target market
    1. Competitive position within target market
  28. Competitive analysis
  29. Marketing Plan
    1. Product Feasibility and Strategy
      1. Product strategy
      1. Concept testing
      1. Usability testing
    1. Pricing Strategy
    1. Channels of Distribution
    1. Promotions and Advertising
  30. Operations Plan
    1. Method of Production or Service Delivery
    1. Availability of Qualified Labour Pool
    1. Business Partnerships
  31. Types of business partnerships
  32. Purpose of business partnerships
    1. Quality Control
    1. Customer Support
  33. Customer support strategies
  34. Customer support obligations
  35. Financial Plan
    1. Capital Requirements for the Next 3 to 5 Years
      1. Sources and uses of funds
    1. Overview of Financial Projections
  36. Explanation of how financial projections are prepared (assumption sheet)
    1. Income Statements
    1. Cash Flow Projections
    1. Balance Sheets
    1. Payback and Exit Strategy (if the business plan is sent to potential investors)
  37. Critical Risk Factors
    1. Management Risks
    1. Marketing Risks
    1. Operating Risks
    1. Financial Risks
    1. Intellectual Property Infringement
    1. Other Risks as Appropriate

Vehicle upholstery

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