Develop a brief argument for or against the research for “embryonic” stem cell research

Part 1: Please read the following articles: 1. Intro to the Ethics of Stem Cell Research 2. Newsweek Article on Stem Cell Research by Sam Harris 3. Richard Dawkins on Stem Cell Research 4. Everything You Need to Know About CRISPR, the New Tool that Edits DNA 5. Cloning Introduction 6. Cloning 7. THE CHIMERA QUANDARY: THE ETHICS OF HUMAN-ANIMAL HYBRIDS 8. Religion and Cloning From a Global View Please watch the following video: The use of cloning and stem cells to resurrect life: Robert Lanza Answer the following prompts: • develop a brief argument for or against the research for “embryonic” stem cell research, drawing from the material assigned. What ideas from the readings helped shape your views • for cloning briefly explain Robert Lanza’s research (Ted Talk) and what your position is on this type of research (one full paragraph) Part 2 Please read the following articles: 1.Singer on Euthanasia 2. BBC on Euthanasia 3.Voluntary Active Euthanasia 4. Belgium on Euthanasia Please watch this short film, it is require for the prompt: Answer the following prompts: • having read the above short article and watched the short film, state what side of this particular argument you fall on and why? make sure to draw ideas from the reading and film. • next, do you think that euthanasia in its various forms is justified or not? overall, what is your position on this topic now that you researched it via Singer and BBC for this class and watched the the films on it? explain with insight and depth. Make sure to investigate the pro and anti euthanasia arguments found in the BBC website reading before answering this post.