Environmental design of retirement homes utilizing psychological principles

This is a term paper for my Environmental Psychology class. I will need an outline (2 pages minimum) in addition to the actual paper (8 pages minimum). I have attached the assignment we were given which includes the criteria that my professor will use to determine our grade. The topic I already turned in earlier this semester reads as follows: “The built environment I chose as the topic for my term paper is that of retirement homes. The chapter we covered in class regarding the elderly and assisted living facilities interested me greatly. In my term paper, I will cover geriatric accommodation needs and how psychological principles are currently being used and how they can be better utilized in the design of retirement home environments to ensure those needs are met. I feel very passionate about our need to improve the living conditions we provide for our elderly population.” 
My professor gave me this feedback about my topic: “Psychology Project Topic submission: Good
description, but what are the psychological principles at work here? (See the
project rubric for more details, and be sure to attend to that rubric for the
later outline and final paper)”. Yesterday I turned in the outline I had written (I attached a copy of it for you) about which I received an email today from my professor basically saying to start over because my outline did not satisfy what is being asked in the assignment (I also attached a screenshot of this email for you). I am a senior straight A student and have never purchased help like this before, but am at a complete loss on how to complete this assignment. I really appreciate your helping me with this outline and term paper.