Evaluating the Zero Tolerance School Policies

Use Gene Bonham’s (Chapter 1, R&B) seven essential criteria for good policy to evaluate zero-tolerance school policies as described in Lynn S. Urban’s Chapter 10 (R&B). Make sure that you review each of the criteria and discuss how it relates to the problems with zero-tolerance school policies. If it does meet a particular goal or there is no evidence that links to that goal, make sure you explain that as well. Examples will help you explain your answer and increase the possibility of a good grade on this quiz.

Instructions: When you answer this question, make sure you fully understand each criteria. Read the material carefully before starting. Explain your answers. Use examples to support your explanations and to show how the policy meets or fails to meet each criteria. Use only the sources provided and make sure you cite them in the text of your exam and in a reference list at the end. Remember to utilize the document I provided: “Proper APA for the Textbooks in this Class.”

As with the discussions, the exam should be written like a formal paper. Writing mechanics are important. Poor writing mechanics can lower your scores in organization and content, because I may be confused as to what you were trying to say.

Be Sure to include an introductory, conclusion and body paragraphs. Your body paragraphs should be organized by each criteria discussing how it relates to zero tolerance policies.