Music discussion

For this participation assignment, please select a piece you find on YouTube that is influenced in some way by the blues–it can be actual “blues”, or another style of music that is based on the 12-bar blues form (like boogie-woogie or some jazz tunes, early (1950s) R & B or rock and roll tunes, or even Led Zeppelin!). Then, please tell us the following:

1. Identify it–name of selection, who is performing it, the date or era of the recording you are using, and its originator (if not the performer). Please provide the YouTube link and cite any sources you used for this information.

2. What genre do you consider this selection?

3. How does this piece relate to blues? Does it follow the 12-bar blues form exactly, does it allude to the form, or does it just sound “bluesy”? (Your selection should at least allude to the blues form.) [See Ch. 3, p. 50 and listening examples on pp. 51 and 54-55 of our text if you need a description of 12-bar blues. For another example, here is a YouTube link of <link is hidden> King and Albert Collins performing the urban blues classic “Stormy Monday” at his Memphis Beale Street club: <link is hidden> /> 
4. Are there vocals? If so, are they in the aab form, as shown on p. 50? If not, what is the pattern? Is there a featured instrument? If so, what is it, and how is it used? If more instruments are used, please also identify as many as you can and explain their basic role in the tune.