Personal Narrative from a girl’s perspective

Personal Narrative

Directions: Write a short personal narrative which develops some sort of meaning. Your person narrative essay could share and comment on an issue. Examples of what others have done (do not copy these): -confronting a buried past, and in doing so gaining a greater sense of self -share experiences on air pollution to bring awareness to the issue and its effect on families -shame one feels toward her family or culture as a teenager It could reflect on a problem or challenge you’ve dealt with in the past. In the conclusion, in an implicit fashion, it should be clear ‘what you learned’ or ‘what can others learn from this difficult moment in your life’ and/or ‘how did it shape the person you are today’? This personal narrative is to be written from a teenage girl’s perspective. Something that may have happened when the girl was 15 or younger. In the essay, ● appeal to the reader, keeping your audience in mind. ● Use some sort of personal style, voice, and point of view, and enrich your essay with dialogue, layered detail, and effective tone. ● Craft the structure (paragraphs, diction, sentence length) to serve your purpose and voice. ● Use sensory details to enrich the narrative Remember that others in class will read your essay, so refrain from choosing a topic that would be uncomfortable in sharing with others. Avoid anything that would be embarrassing to share with others. 2 pages, double spaced, 12 point font Here are some ideas for this personal narrative essay (reminder to write from a teenage girls perspective): ● Toxic Friends – A personal narrative about a friend (maybe a school friend) who treated me poorly but I still continued being friends with her until she did something really mean. I ignored advice from others and kept giving her the benefit of the doubt. What did I learn from this experience? Maybe to surround yourself with people who truly care about you and make you feel special. ● Toxic Friends – A personal narrative about trying to be friends with too many people, and in doing so never finding any true relationships. Moral, it’s better to have fewer but good friends rather than trying to please everyone. ● Toxic Friends – A personal narrative about friends who are a bad influence, they don’t care about school, are disrespectful to their family, and use foul language. When I needed them for something, they did not come to my rescue. This bad choice of friends led to my getting grounded because I started copying their bad behavior. Moral, it’s important to surround yourself with people who have similar interests and goals, and not worrying so much about being with the popular crowd.