UVic developed in Canada

In next week’s essay assignment, you will have to research and write an essay on the following global climate model: UVic (which is developed by institute(s) in Canada; see this research article for more details: <link is hidden> /> 
***I’m sending out a quick tutorial video going over this Essay 2 on Monday 1/28. You can also prepare questions to ask me during our weekly discussion and the Review session for this assignment on Thursday 1/31, 7 pm in my Zoom room.

Studying the corresponding chapter in your textbook will help you understand Climate Models better! Refer to the Assignment page on Canvas for Essay 2 prompts. 

–(Optional, but useful)–
The following document will make you understand GCM much better: <link is hidden>

***Don’t worry, you should only look at certain parts of the document for this assignment!
Topics/pages that you may want to briefly go through:
Topic 9.1.1 and 9.1.2, Table 9.1 and 9.2 (Page 746-748), Appendix 9.A – see Table <link is hidden> and <link is hidden> (Page 854-866, focus ONLY on tables’ descriptions and headings) and if have time, Executive summary (743-745)