Career Development and Networking

In preparing for your career in Health Informatics,***I chose IT pharmacist/Informatics pharmacist*** having a career development plan is the first step in maintaining your professional development and marketability.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Evaluate your short- and long-term career development plan
Reflect on what short- and long-term health informatics position you are most interested in
Research employment resources and survey available employment opportunities for the desired qualifications, credentials, special skills, and experience
Review the required employment website resources 
Post a thoughtful response to the following:

In evaluating your short- and long-term career development plan, what professional skills and expertise gaps do you need to address? What specific professional activities will help you achieve these skills? Make sure to align your current skills with the specific professional development plan needed to achieve the desired goal.
Develop a realistic timeline for achieving your professional goals.
Identify which of the required employment resource(s) you found most helpful. Where did you search and what keywords were used to narrow your results? What did you learn from your search for employment opportunities?
Make sure to include references and citations for the professional development goals, professional organizations, and/or required employment resources reviewed