Licensed counselors are required to follow a Code of Ethics

First assignment: Licensed counselors are required to follow a Code of Ethics. These codes may be issued by the state through which the counselor is licensed or may be through the professional association with which the counselor is affiliated. The national professional association with which many LPCs are affiliated is the American Counseling Association and its divisions. The Code of Ethics of the American Counseling Association covers a variety of topics including duties and responsibilities of counselors; relationships counselors may have with current and former clients and appropriate use of testing.

Historically most, if not all, counseling has been done in face-to-face sessions between the counselor and client. With the advent of the Internet, this has changed. There are many web sites that offer counseling in general, career counseling in particular and a variety of testing and assessment to assist a person in their career endeavors. The proliferation of Internet based counseling (also referred to as distance counseling), testing, and assessment has created a controversy within the counseling profession regarding the effectiveness and ethicalness of the practice. This assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to review the ACA Code of Ethics as well as experience some of the internet based career counseling and assessment web sites.

The ACA Code of Ethics (2014 Version) can be found at:

<link is hidden> /> 
(Click the link to download a PDF of the Code of Ethics or see Canvas for a copy)

The assignment:

1. Using <link is hidden> and <link is hidden> as your starting points, visit at least 10 web sites (not counting the above two) that offer some type of career guidance and/or testing and assessment. Provide the URLs of each site and give a brief description of what services the site offers. In those instances where you have the opportunity to complete assessment instruments at no cost, do so and keep a copy of the results you obtain. Sites that are salary information, relocation information, job listings, etc. do not count (Also do not use sites such as Career Builder or <link is hidden> The site must be specific to testing, assessment or counseling and guidance issues. Subsequent pages at the same URL do not count as separate sites.

2. Within the context of the ACA Code of Ethics (see specific sections on testing, qualifications, distance counseling and confidentiality among others), provide your opinion regarding the appropriateness of distance career guidance and testing. How does it coincide with or conflict with the ethical standards (cite the specific standards and sections that pertain to distance counseling) and how do you see this growing or diminishing in the future? What other issues, if any, do you see involved? How will this affect the future of career counseling? This part of your paper should be approximately five (5) typed or word-processed, numbered, double-spaced pages. Where you state an opinion try to support it with information you have obtained with reference to the pertinent sections of the Code of Ethics. Correct grammar and spelling are important. Points will be deducted for misspellings and incorrect grammar. Therefore, make sure you proofread your paper. This paper is due 9:00 am, Saturday, March 2, 2019. Late papers will not be accepted

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