Lifespan Development I & II

Respond to each discussion question below.
Discussion Question 1: If a mother knowingly ingests a large amount of alcohol that subjects her child to fetal alcohol syndrome, do you think she is guilty of child abuse. Why or why not?
Discussion Question 2: Can you think of a time where you have adopted traditional gender roles? What about times where you have expressed more androgyny? 
Discussion Question 3: Based on what you have learned about development during late adulthood, do you think that this period is necessarily a time of physical and mental decline? 
Discussion questions are worth a total of 70 points. See the below grading criteria.
Presented a clear and supported response to all aspects of the discussion questions. (35 points)
Justified ideas and responses by using appropriate examples and references from journals, texts, websites, and other references or personal experiences. (30 points)
Submitted on time using correct grammar and spelling. (5 points)