From field employee declining a position they previously accepted.

Answer these four scenarios as if you were a staffing recruiter/coordinator for a property management company. 

Email Response Requests: Please reply back to each email as if you were the Staffing Coordinator of a Prime Market: 

Example 1: From field employee declining a position they previously accepted. 


I will not be able to accept the assignment after all because the pay is not enough and the property is far. 

Thank you, 


Example 2: From client who is dealing with a no show employee

Hi ,

Joe our temp porter is not here yet and this will be the second day in the row that we will not have help. Please advise. 

Thank you, 


Example 3: From a client request a new worker

Hi ,

Thank you for emailing me to inform me that Sarah Brown would be here on Monday but I’ve worked with her before and I prefer that you send me someone else please. 

Thank you, 


Example 4: From Your Boss’s Boss 

Hi ,

I  just left the Apartments and they said they our leasing agent never  showed up AGAIN, today. I wish I had a heads up before visiting the property. Is there a way that you can  notify me of these types of situations, especially if we’ve had ongoing  issues like we’ve encountered here. 

Thank you, 


  • Posted: 2 Hours Ago
  • Due: 31/01/2019
  • Budget: $2
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