Get Paid What You’re Worth Assignment

There are two main parts to this book: an overall story of one man’s search for a new position and insights into the issues most job candidates have about their searches. Please read the book for our class and prepare your responses to the following questions.

***Bring your printed paper with you to turn in at the beginning of the class.

  1. Summarize the main points of Chris’ job search and then offer your own opinions on how he might have changed his responses and approach.
  2. Create your own preference chart for the position you wish to find after graduation. List all of the issues, determine your range, rank the issues as to their importance, and list any other items you feel would be important in the salary package you desire.
  3. Define what is meant by an exploding offer and discuss how you would respond to one.
  4. Define deal breakers briefly. Which one would be the most difficult for you? Why?
  5. Describe the ethical issues that came up in this book and explain how you would have handled that situation.
  6. Select one of the questions addressed in Chapter 9 and relate your own experience with that topic or issue.

Format: Single spaced, Times New Roman, size 11 font. Print on both sides of the paper, if possible. No cover page needed. Maximum of three pages. (Most students average two pages for this.)

Citations: Use a minimum of two citations from the book for support of your conclusions when you can. Citation format examples within your text:

“According to Pinkley and Northcraft, (2016, p. 63), there are three strategies for expanding the pie….”

“There are two characteristics you need to consider when you are analyzing issues for an upcoming salary negotiation: range and weight (Pinkley & Northcraft, 2016, p. 25).”

List your sources in a Reference List at the end of your paper.

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