quality of the software of a prototype or product

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When it comes to the quality of the software of a prototype or product, testing is going to ensure the success of the quality being produced. There is something to be said for testing to occur as often as possible and have various types of testing implemented. This is usually generated within a master plan set in the analysis phases. Integration and the test plans for the system are typically produced in the design phase. The plans are what dissect the actual testing and what is done through the implementation phase. Each team member role should already be specified and ensure the tests have been properly completed.

Input into the plans will also shape the quality desired. Going off of plans alone is not enough. You need perspective. Insight. Perception. Reality. By explaining the in and outs of the project as a whole, the testing phase will take a more firm hold.

There are several different types of testing used to test and track software issues and errors. Keep a list and track the code errors or bugs found in the programming language being worked with. Inspections are needed on a regular basis. Some of the highlights are the syntax, the units being worked with, other applications embedded into the system program, and the system overall. FOLLOW THE REQUIREMENTS! This is what is there to set you up for success. The requirements are going to assist with solving a lot of the problems possibly encountered along the way. The system will then end up being exactly or close to what was originally intended. This is why testing needs to be completed as often as possible because this is a self checking method to making sure the requirements are being followed and everyone is getting what they need. Then determine your next steps.

We had a system called ECF that was going to be used fr our clients. This was going to house personal data so we had strict requirements to adhere by in order to keep this type of data protected. It took a long time and lots of testing was done. In the end, it came out well. Linux is still used in government systems a lot. It pretty compatible with most other government systems.

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