Theory Connection Reflection #1: Utilitarianism

Write a 500-word essay connecting Utilitarianism either to an international news story or to a foreign film. If you choose to cover an international news story, make sure it comes from one of the sites listed below AND involves people outside the <link is hidden> If you choose to connect Utilitarianism to a film, make sure it is a foreign film. In either case, you must make it explicitly clear that you understand the theory so that you could explain it to someone outside of this class. 

Exemplary submissions will have an introduction, body and conclusion. The news story or plot of the film will be summarized. Please try to include a quote or, better, a paraphrase and make sure that you cite it in the assignment and in a Works Cited citation. As always, take good care that your work follows standard conventions of spelling and grammar.

The paper whoudl be broken into thirds. One third of the paper should involve a discussion of the theory, one third should summarize the news story or film and the third third should provide a connection between the two.

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