Columbine High School FBI

Review the Columbine High School FBI reports, Part Three and Part Four, and study Chapters 6–8 of your textbook to complete the following:

  • Identify all of the adversaries and classify them as threats or threat actors.
  • What vulnerabilities are apparent from the report at the school?
  • What countermeasures would you recommend for the school?

Guidelines for Submission: Short paper assignments must be one to two pages in length with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and discipline-appropriate citations.  

Main Elements: Includes all of the main elements and requirements and cites multiple examples to illustrate each element

Inquiry and Analysis: Provides in-depth analysis that demonstrates complete understanding of multiple concepts 

Integration and Application: All of the course concepts are correctly applied 

Critical Thinking: Draws insightful conclusions that are thoroughly defended with evidence and examples 

Research:  Incorporates many scholarly resources effectively that reflect depth and breadth of research

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